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I have a 2.5 year old Goldfish, " Billy 'the Bass' ", (I bought as a starter fish - 12 for $1 - he got huge while the other 11 died), tonight when I got home, I noticed that he had about 6 red spots on his tail, 3 on his back and 1 on his belly. They are round and look like bright red blood spots and were not there last night. The only thing I found on your web site that was similar was: "hemorrhagic septicemia" but cannot seem to find a cure or reason for this or why he has it. His skin looks beautiful everywhere else, and he is very perky and eating fine!! (as usual!) Please help; he is my buddy and my favorite wet pet! Thank you,

Very probably the answer is going to show up in the water testing. I'd wager there's a defect in the pH or the nitrate levels, but it's a wild guess and it could be nitrite or ammonia as well.

So please test (or have tested) Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and PH.

What you're describing could be attributable to water quality, parasites (unlikely since he's a bachelor) or perhaps a bacterial infection secondary to water quality problems.

So you need to move fast and get those water tests run.

Depending upon what your water tests show, you should consider seriously:

First: Major (75%) water change with dechlor; THEN

SALT - 0.3% AND

Medicated food

Response to that would dictate what we'd do next in the event that he did not recover rapidly.

When was his last MAJOR water change?

What size tank?

Doc Johnson

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