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I am getting conflicting information about food storage. Some people say it doesn't matter, because of Stabilized Vitamin C and others say it's best to freeze the food. Others say to refrigerate it. What's the real scoop?
Refrigeration is preferable.

Freezing denatures the fats and fatty acids in a dry pellet much the way the rind of a good steak gets freezer burned. When these fats degrade, the vitamins stored in the fat (A, D, E and K) are denatured, leading to deficiencies.

Room temperature is fine for the short term -however molds can and do develop and vitamins can become unstable.

The person who said it doesn't matter because of Stabilized C is correct on that specific point, but should be informed that there are several other vitamins to be concerned about.

Dr Erik Johnson

Fish disease problems? Need some help? The help pages take you through the basics of the 'fish health work-up' diagnosis method and basic fish disease treatment methods.

90% of all health problems and fish deaths are caused by poor fish keeping! The key pages are essential reading for all beginners and intermediates who are serious about disease prevention.

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