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Hello, I have three goldfish, two oranda and one black moor. I got the first oranda a month ago and the other two about a week ago. Yesturday I noticed an unusual behavior in my first fish. He has been in the far back corner of the tank most of the day. I just cleaned the tank two days ago. He also seems to be eating normal as he comes out of the corner for feeding. There is also a plant in the corner that he seems to be hiding behind. I was just wondering if you think my fish could be sick or if there is another reason he could be behaving this way.
This fish is not normal. There's something bothering him, because if everything were perfect he would not isolate himself, and he would be actively exploring the tank looking for food.

I would incriminate ater quality first. You may have just cleaned out your fish tank, leaading you to believe that water quality must be good, however the water quality can still be poor. Most importantly, KNOW your pH and make sure you test for nitrogen accumulation: Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.

If water testing isn't in store for this fish, why bother? It's a goner so you might as well flush it. Because all the medicine in the state of Texas will not improve the health of a fish suffering in water boiling with Ammonia or a low pH.

If you have your water tested, or you test it yourself, consider that it could also be a parasitism. If it were a serious parasitism, the fish would have marks on the skin, slime on the skin, or it would be NOT EATING -

How could the fish have a "mild" parasitism? Well, fish aren't supposed to all die from parasites. If they did, the parasites will have defeated themselves. Natural selection (I don't believe in Evolution) has balanced most fish against their parasites so that the fish can CARRY the parasite and only be "sick" not dead.

If this is the case, and water quality is quite excellent and the tank is duly spacious, you could consider a mild parasite remedy like salt or perhaps some Fluke Tabs.

There is considerable information in this web site about all these elements. Don't get frustrated that I have not expounded on every point, re-writing what I have written over and over again. It's up to you to take the time to use the key words in this message to search out the information abundantly available in this web site.


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