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Can Koi have snails or other live foods to eat?

Koi eat snails and tiny crustaceans in the mud as part of their natural biology. Snails living in temperate climates don't carry diseases for fish, however in
equatorial countries the snails can carry digenetic trematodes and worse.

Snails don't hurt the koi's mouth (neither their sucker or their crushing teeth) - they are biologically adapted to consuming the escargot and most other fibrous or shelled critters they can forage from the muddy bottoms of their natural surroundings. You may hear a lot of hysterical whining about feeding blood worms to Koi and Goldfish. Some pundits fail to realize that the "whirling disease" these worms may carry is infectious ONLY to salmonid fishes, not Koi and Goldfish. Other live foods include earth worms, and silkworm pupae. You can feed these "straight up" or you may decide to soak them first.

Fish disease problems? Need some help? The help pages take you through the basics of the 'fish health work-up' diagnosis method and basic fish disease treatment methods.

90% of all health problems and fish deaths are caused by poor fish keeping! The key pages are essential reading for all beginners and intermediates who are serious about disease prevention.

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